Interview in het Engels

An Interview with VortexHealing® Teacher Anthony Gorman

Feb 2013

Q1 Can you tell us, what is 'Divine Energy Healing'? What does it do? And, what is its purpose?

The vital energy of life on earth arises from the Sun. The movement of day and night creates the cycle of life. In the same way, the deeper source of the life of creation is seen as Divinity. The cycle of Divinity appearing and then apparently disappearing creates a cycle of life where life falls asleep to its deeper nature and then awakens to it again. Although VortexHealing Divine Energy Healing looks like a technique of healing, really it is a natural movement of life. Eventually the cycle of life on earth will awaken all of life here to its deeper nature, however, as this process is emerging, some people are drawn to stand on top of the mountain to catch the first rays of that new Life, to actively engage with it, and this process looks like a technique of healing and meditation, such as VortexHealing.

Q2 We read somewhere that you are Merlin the 14th. What is the story behind that?

From our point of view within human mind we label everything in nature according to our understanding of it. Thus a tree is a Tree and we imbue the Tree with our understanding of it and think we understand life. But it is a sort of a projection. The world we think we see is really a world we are projecting from within our own individual minds. If we were to see truly from the point of view of the Tree we may experience a very different existence. In the same way we identify ourselves by a name and so the name contains out sense of *I*ness. In contrast the name Merlin creates a place within mind where there is no *I*ness, and it is felt by the heart as an inner opening to a magical sort of existence. 

Within VortexHealing, if a teacher were to refer to themselves as Merlin, it is really a sort of an invitation to an inner investigation of the state of life where this *I*ness is absent.

Q3 Do you consider yourself to be awake? What are your experiences on the path of awakening? How did they affect your life?

3)a) This is a sort of a trick question and thus a trick answer. Consider if I were also my own Brother. Then who am I ?

Our view of the world is programmed into the way our language works. Usually there is a Subject and Object in each sentence. There are languages however where instead of saying "I AM" you would more have to say "What IS". Then you would be invited into noticing "What IS?". If you spend time in your life, like I have, noticing What IS, then you start to notice that there is no actual *I*. If you can notice this deeply enough then this assumption that the *I* is real breaks down (within the heart). But, like a magician, although you know they are performing a "Trick", they do it so well that it still appears real. Thus a person can be 'awake' but can also at the same time still be 'asleep'. But once you know it is a trick, the trick no longer holds any real power to convince you that it is reality. So yes, I am awake.

3)b)  I could write a book just on this question. A brief introduction to it would run along these lines. In the beginning I was just curious, I worked as a software engineer and just as there is an ‘inner’ world within the computer I figured that there is an inner world of life that would go far deeper than surface appearances or even what current science was describing. So initially I figured that awakening might make super intelligent if I could crack it. I learned to meditate as a way to access this inner world and my initial attempt at awakening created a transcendent mystical state. However I discovered that this state made me disconnected from the world and my emotional feelings and I was just living in a different sort of illusion. I came back down to the world with a bump of puzzlement, and started processing through my inner pandoras box of suppressed emotional attitude, with the help of VortexHealing. However I still figured that I might ascend to some higher plane of existence, like a Yogi, and that if I evolved my heart deeply enough that this would happen. This path ended one day with a dramatic experience where the Avataric presence of Merlin within VortexHealing created an experience where my heart was chopped in half by a Divine sword and it fell away into emptiness; like a empty shell. Since I had nothing left to evolve into a higher state of existence I was a bit lost as to what to do. Then one day I had the realization that what I considered to be my existence was really just like an image in an inner mirror. Since the mirror was taking up the whole field of my inner vision, then all I was seeing was the image in the mirror. Suddenly though the mirror had an edge. I realised that my existence was not the existence I was having in my field of experience. Existence simply was. And I was. Free from being defined by any experience. I would call this my basic awakening to the Truth of what is.

         Still, I hoped that as this deepened I would end up living a life free from all troubles, a blissful state of harmony with the ALL. This too ended one day as I was listening to the words from a great Mahatma. She said that her life was full of problems. I said “WHAT ?”. That’s not what I expected her to say. I observed though that she was free from identification with said problems. In contrast,  I noticed that my identification with my apparent problems created an avoidance of them, thus maintaining a stuck place of self-image. And then it was gone. And life went on as it was, but without me thinking that it was a problem. And like this the inner realizations go on.

3)c) Awakening imbued my life with real meaning, otherwise known as Love, but love is such a misunderstood concept I would usually not use it as a word without explaining what I mean by it. A simpler way of saying it is that I have more Fun !!

Q4 What role do you see the Merlin lineage play in the future?

This question is hard to answer because it is too big in a way, and the answer can sound grandiose and out of touch with normal life.
From the big picture point of view then I would say that the purpose of the Merlin energy is to awaken life to its True nature, which is Divinity; and this is a magical process happening through the whole universe.

From our Merlin Lineage point of view it simply means that this energy has turned up within our lives and we move according to its intention for whatever it is creating, and this gets translated into a system of Divine transmissions and workshops where an environment is created which nurtures and facilitates this process of healing and awakening.

Q5 What happens in the VortexHealing classes?

If you consider the VortexHealing classes like a tree, which has a trunk, branches, leaves and a Spirit. Then the Spirit of the workshops is the same as the Spirit of your own True being, and thus the workshops serve to bring this to your awareness.  This is the essence of the process of healing.

 The trunk of the tree is the VortexHealing Divine 'Transmissions' of the healing tools we use in class. This is not an abstract or mental process of attunenment, it is a concrete process whereby Divine intention and energy directly transforms, evolves and creates new energetic abilities within your energy system.

These new abilities are like the branches of the tree. In the Basic training they allow you to channel 49 qualities of Divine energy plus Divine consciousness of healing. In the Magical structures workshop you receive the ability to create divine structures which for example can change the Feng-Shui of a room or building, or help an organ or chakra be healthier. In the Multi-Frequency training you receive the ability to channel any frequency of energy which we use to accelerate the process of releasing conditioning from the energy system. And so on through all the workshops.

The leaves of the tree are how you choose to use these abilities. Our main focus in workshops is to 'release conditioning'. The idea here is that you already are Whole, Complete, Contented and Healthy in every way, but this has gotten covered over by conditioned behaviour and it's false sense of *I*. Thus we seek to strip away this conditioned energy to reveal the self-identity and then to bridge this false identity towards Divinity so that it awakens and lets go, and then we notice how this changes our sense of life and health etc. and how it facilitates the growth of our life. The Tree. However there is much more to this process than can be easily described.

Q6 Where do we go to find out more about Divine Energy Healing, or about when the next VortexHealing training takes place? and